Sunday, February 17, 2008


Le Parapluie is a blog dedicated to fashion, but goodness knows there are plenty of blogs already dedicated to fashion, so who cares??

Well, this blog is different because it's going to be primarily illustrated (with a few random opinions thrown in here and there).

Visit my blog to see postings of sketches I have been inspired to make for whatever reason...I get the urge to sketch when I see cool people walking around New York City's Garment District (where I work), when the Fashion Shows are going on, after seeing a movie with really great costumes, or taking in a blockbuster exhibit at the Met.

I hope you like my work. Tune in weekly, as I hope to post as regularly as I can while holding down a day job to pay the bills!

1 comment:

boryana said...

Absolutely gourgeous!!! So ives-saint-laurent-ish - feminine and just sensual and elegant - i will save all of your sketches, since i collect those in search of inspiration for my own amateur illustration. PLEASE, keep on drawing!!!