Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally, Spring!

I have been remiss in posting for the last couple of weeks - "writer's/artist's block" is my excuse - the ideas just were NOT flowing. It is an absolutely terrifying feeling, the possibility that there is just no more in the tap, and then aha, inspiration finally strikes!

I have seen so many cute spring jackets/coats at my subway stop recently! Here's a little abstract that expresses the sheer joy of warm weather finally returning to NYC...


Keath007 said...

Fabulous sketch!

Der Haken said...

All of the sketches are nice. I'm following updates for a while now.

Since I like what you do, I have a proposal. From time to time I publish pirate coloring pages for kids ... just because there are no proper pirate coloring pages around and because it is fun.

Now I start looking for 'guest artists' who'd post a pirate coloring page ... and here you come in.

Do you dare to post a pirate coloring page on your blog and give me a ping? I'd love to have a glam pirate!

Oscar Solis said...

I'm not into fashion but I am into great drawing (including fashion drawing). Your work has a classical feel that recalls the great fashion artists of the past. Keep up the great work. I check in everyday to see what you've come up with.

Out of curiosity have you been able to land any fashion drawing gigs because of your blogs?